Les chefs d’œuvre de l’Art antique dans la bande dessinée du XXIᵉ s. Usages et Background

  • Mathieu Scapin Musée Saint-Raymond
Keywords: Bande dessinée, art antique, manga, comics, culture populaire


Whether you open a manga, a French-language comic strip or a North-American comic strip with Classic subject, it seems normal to the reader to encounter many representations of sculptures, paintings or object of daily life from this period throughout the story.

These images are taken from catalogues notably available online. The artists also seem to have drawn their inspiration from museum publications or directly from the collections exhibited by these cultural institutions. This article will review the masterpieces used in comic strips and the reasons why they are chosen. Depending on the formats and cultures that stage them, these works do not constitute decorative elements of an ancient past but contribute to the narrative.