La heráldica amazónica




Amazons, gender, woman, heraldry, shields


Nowadays, we know about 4,475 iconographic representations dedicated to the Amazonian universe in Antiquity. Most of them belong to vase painting pieces (3,448). This current work analyze the Amazonian emblems that appear in a high percentage of these representations (725), together with the few examples associated with other artistic supports. In that way, we will study the chosen designs, which of them achieved greater popularity and the possible reasons why some of them were more popular in certain contexts. According to the results, we can discover that the Amazons present a type of emblem very similar to that used by the hoplites who fought against them in the same representation of the Amazonomachy. It is true that we appreciate a greater interest in certain models within a broad group of options that became traditional for Amazonian representations, but the results of this study suggest that the artists freely chose between them. However, his decision could be influenced by aspects such as the predominant trends in each period, the tastes of the export markets or the influence generated by other types of works (mainly paintings, reliefs or sculptures) whose popularity made them models.