De héroes y efebos. El mundo clásico en la fotografía de desnudo masculino contemporáneo. Entrevista a Carmelo Blázquez




Fotografía, Recepción Clásica


Entrevista a Carmelo Blázquez, fotógrafo especializado en fotografía de desnudo masculino, que trabaja con motivos y modelos procedentes de la Antigüedad grecolatina.

Author Biographies

Luis Unceta Gómez, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Profesor Contratado Doctor. Departamento de Filología Clásica. Facultad de Filosofía y Letras. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

Carmelo Blázquez Jiménez

Carmelo Blazquez is a photographer specialized in male photography, his works are characterized by the almost minimalist simplicity. Play with lights and shadows on the face and body of the model to highlight the musculature. The model is natural, without maquillage or impossible styling. Sometimes accompanied by a simple object or cloth. His photos inspired by the art of the ancient world and the great masters of the Renaissance are a homage to the intimacy of the artist's studio. The forge where the creation of the work of art takes place, the intimate place in which the model and the artist are alone to generate, together, something that transcends the passage of time. . The models are not professional. The use of photoshop is reduced to the least essence. He studied at the School of Image and Design, IDEP in Barcelona. He began studies in History and History of Art. Currently studying jewelry. His first works are very inspired by the cultures of the first civilizations that developed around the Mediterranean, hence the name of the collection is OLD WORLD. He develops his work in a small place in the raval neighborhood, the most multicultural neighborhood in Barcelona, ​​a city where he has lived for 18 years.