The Roman Fresco Experience. Report

  • Marta García Morcillo Department of Humanities University of Roehampton (London)
  • Rayda Guzmán
  • Ryan William Cooper
Keywords: Roman fresco, wall painting, Roman art


The present text is a report of a workshop session on Roman fresco-making led by the artist Rayda Guzmán. The workshop was held in Nov. 2016 and was integrated within the programme of an undergraduate module on Ancient Pompeii and its Modern Receptions (Classical Ciivilisation degree) at the University of Roehampton (London). The workshop consisted of a theoretical and a practical session, during which the students were asked to reproduce grafments of a large naturalistic fresco. Both parts of the session were visually documented step by step; the vidos are now available on YouTube (The Roman Fresco Experience, Roehampton).
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