Antike erfahren - analog, partizipativ, kritisch. Ein Gespräch mit den Ausstellungsmachern von "Spiel mit der Antike"

  • Sandra Panzner


The special exhibition "Spiel mit der Antike - Das Bild der Antike in modernen Brettspielen" will run until October 1st 2017 at the City Museum at Fembo House Nuremberg. The exhibition designed by the Swiss Game Museum in 2014 shows about 60 games of Greek and Roman antiquity. The art historian Dr. Andreas Curtius from the The City of Nuremberg's Art Collections and the museologist Christin Lumme from the German Games Archive Nuremberg played a decisive role in the realization of the temporary exhibition. I walked with them through the exhibition to talk about the reception of antiquity, the use of digital media in the museum and the fascinating effects of art objects.