Den Helden spielen! - das Projekt Olymp.ja! als theaterpädagogische Auseinandersetzung mit Sport und antiken Mythen

  • Meike Hedderich Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt
  • Ariane Schwarz Universität Hildesheim


In this contribution, we report on the educational theatre production Olymp.ja! at Staatstheater Darmstadt from 2017, which dealt with the connection between the current phenomenon of sport or rather lifestyle and that of ancient myths. Through themes like self-overcoming, crossing borders, the search for glory and honour, solving seemingly unsolvable tasks and so one, in this production, we drew a line between these two ranges of topics. On the one hand, these themes were negotiated on an intellectual level, on the other hand by the physical commitment of the participants. The work created with a group of amateurs showed the complexity of both fields, but also what ancient myths mean today personally to the individual player of this staging.
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