Battling the Gods: An Interview with the Creators of "Apotheon" (2015)

  • Christian Rollinger Universität Trier FB III - Alte Geschichte
Keywords: reception studies, video games, Greek mythology


In 2015, Alientrap Games, a small, independent game studio based in Toronto, released the video game "Apotheo"n for Windows/PC, Mac OS X, Linux, and PlayStation 4. Apotheon is a visually striking side-scrolling action-adventure game, in which the player takes on the role of an ancient Greek hero fighting against Olympian deities. As Nikandreos, his mission is to wrest divine powers from the Gods, in the process becoming a deity himself. 

"Apotheon"’s striking individuality in visuals and narrative is the result of a close collaboration between the studio and independent agents. This interview with Creative Director Jesse McGibney, classical scholar and mythological consultant Maciej Paprocki, and composer Marios Aristopoulos offers a look behind the scenes of the 2015 sleeper hit. 

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Christian Rollinger, Universität Trier FB III - Alte Geschichte
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